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3 Mar 2014

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August 20.

Today I have been out to Hertfordshire to take "petraits" of pet rabbits called "Toby" and "Thomas" and fish called "Locke" and "Sawyer" (From "Lost") for some friends - Well, they were doing me the favour actually as I wanted pretty pictures for this website. So, thank you to Sue, Toby, Thomas, Locke and Sawyer for your help.


Then I went to see Andrew Bradford for some help with making this website more optimised for search engines and managed to get him and his wife Marilyn to pose with their cat "Elphaba" named after the green girl in "Wicked" who becomes the wicked witch of the west. I also got a few more images for my website, namely the apple basket and the sunflower. Thanks Andrew and Marilyn.

August 21

Today I went out to take some freebie publicity shots for a friend who runs a centre for people with learning disabilities. I found it very challenging to take photos of people who weren't posing for the camera as I am used to, and some of whom had difficulty interacting with both people and their environment. The result will not be shown on this website due to confidentiality. It was a very thought provoking assignment and has given me lots of food for thought. I also missed the sunshine, which will make the photos of the outdoor play areas look less enticing.


August Bank Holiday Monday 2012

I've been on holiday in Devon, Somerset, and now Devon again, but the shutter never rests. I've taken photographs of an amazing child guitarist in Devon, a wedding in Somerset and a horse and her owner in Devon.


The main thing that I am going to take away from that for the future, apart from happy memories of time spent with old and new friends, is what people told me at the wedding. Namely that you can never be sure when taking shots of people seated at the reception if anyone has lost a partner. It seems that I need to be more careful not to offend anyone by asking people to indicate who they wanted their photograph taken with. It had not occurred to me prior to that, but I have relatives who are in the same position - They have lost their partners and are not coping with it at all well, and the last thing they want is to be reminded of their loss. This is something that I will reflect on, and perhaps seek advice from people that have been "in the game" longer.  

Early September 2012

Having been very active in attending the Olympics I had been eagerly awaiting the start of the Paralympics and was not disappointed. I had tickets to see Rowing and Athletics and then was incredibly lucky that 2 different friends thought of me when they had spare Paralympics tickets - So, I was lucky enough to see Goal-Ball, Five-a-side football, Tennis, Rugby and Basketball. And I felt truly blessed.

September 10th - The Parade of our Greatest Team

A friend and I had a prime position to see the parade, and only had to camp out a few hours before it started. I was looking out for Mo Farrah, Tom Daley, Ellie Simmonds and Greg Rutherford and felt incredibly lucky to see them all. The atmosphere was charged with emotion and I was really pleased to see later on the news coverage that the athletes had enjoyed the parade so much too. It is a day that I will never forget.

September 16th - Headshots with Charlotte

I very much enjoyed taking photographs with Charlotte as she was very relaxed in front of the camera and made my job that much easier. Charlotte was very pleased with the results, as was I. I am looking forward to working with Charlotte again in the future.

September 19th - Mick Hucknall at The Royal Albert Hall

I know that not everyone out there will like Mick Hucknall, but I have been a big fan of his since "Simply Red" released "Money's too tight to mention" back in 1985. This current tour is Mick Hucknall's first solo tour and is to promote his "American Soul" album. I wasn't sure that I would like him as much not singing some Simply Red songs, but I should have known better. Mick Hucknall is one of my all time favourite live singers, and he certainly did not disappoint. In fact, I bought more tickets just as soon as I got home. Cheers Mick!